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When A Mailbox Isn’t Really A Mailbox: About Email Aliases

One question I often get when I’m helping a client with an email issue or a Google Apps setup is about multiple e-mailboxes. If you have a primary email address of – by itself isn’t too flexible. It eats up one email address on your hosting’s mailbox quota – and doesn’t offer a lot of options for sorting different types of mail. For example, the email address should have alternatives such as, or – each would direct messages addressed to them to the same mailbox. So, how to accomplish this without having multiple mailboxes?

Checking email a just twice per day is now doable with AwayFind

Not hovering over your laptop or smartphone all day sounds like fantasyland to any service provider who uses email as their primary communication method. You don’t want to be perceived as unresponsive, but in the effort to appear attentive, you can really wreck your daily workflow (costing you time and money) with endless interruptions responding to seemingly “urgent” messages, that in reality just aren’t. Enter AwayFind…

Free Teleclass: Top Ten Reasons to Switch to Google Apps for Your Domain

With all the buzz out there about Google Plus and Google Apps, I get a lot of questions from clients about why Google Apps just seems to be everywhere these days. With GA’s recent expansion comes lots of great reasons to convert your domain’s email and virtual office over to this incredibly flexible service. It’s almost too much to blog about, so I thought a teleclass would do the trick!

New Google Apps Setup Service Package

I’ve set up GA for numerous clients – and all of them love it, so I’m very excited to launch my new easy-to-purchase Google Apps Setup Service Package that includes all the back-end techie stuff, plus “done-for-you” mail client (Outlook) configuration and web-based training.