Super-Easy Email Encryption by Virtru


How many times have you needed to send some sensitive info to a contact, but either had to send in several messages, fax it - or worse, just take your chances with sending it via email? With all the security compromises in the news, there is new interest in how individuals can secure their online messages and have more control over who can read it.  Many still don't realize that email messages pass through many points on the Internet while on its way, and if the contents are not encrypted, they … [Read more...]

When A Mailbox Isn’t Really A Mailbox: About Email Aliases


One question I often get when I'm helping a client with an email issue or a Google Apps setup is about multiple e-mailboxes. If you have a primary email address of - by itself isn't too flexible. It eats up one email address on your hosting's mailbox quota  - and doesn't offer a lot of options for sorting different types of mail. For example, the email address should have alternatives such as, or … [Read more...]

Checking email a just twice per day is now doable with AwayFind


Productivity experts tell us this: checking email at only set times of the day will give you time back and improve your focus. Some advocate a very reasonable twice per day, some say to never check it in the morning, and some push it to the limit of once every 10 days (nuts, IMHO). Whatever the schedule, you just know that if you can just stop constantly monitoring your inbox, you would get so much more done. Not hovering over your laptop or smartphone all day sounds like fantasyland to any … [Read more...]

Free Teleclass: Top Ten Reasons to Switch to Google Apps for Your Domain


With all the buzz out there about Google Plus and Google Apps, I get a lot of questions from clients about why Google Apps just seems to be everywhere these days. With GA's recent expansion comes lots of great reasons to convert your domain's email and virtual office over to this incredibly flexible service. It's almost too much to blog about, so I thought a teleclass would do the trick! Please join me on Tuesday, August 9th at 3:00pm Eastern for this free teleclass, where I'll list my Top … [Read more...]

New Google Apps Setup Service Package

Everyone that knows me knows I'm a huge advocate of Google Apps.  Google Apps is Gmail - only it's mapped to your own domain name, which is great. However, Google Apps is way more than just the spam-less goodness of Gmail.  Google Apps is a whole suite of online ("cloud") applications - that all work together. You not only get Gmail for your domain, you also get an integrated calendar, presentations (similar to PowerPoint), spreadsheets (like MS Excel) and docs (word processing).  There are … [Read more...]

Turn Gmail Into A Mini-Social CRM with Rapportive

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If you are a Gmail or Google Apps user and also active with social media, do yourself a favor and get Rapportive.  Rapportive is a free browser plugin (works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Mailplane) that creates an info pane right in the Gmail message window that displays all your correspondent's social media information, recent posts and more. In addition, if you connect your own social media accounts to it, Rapportive will allow you to see if you are already connected. So for example, if … [Read more...]

Preschedule Outbound Messages In Gmail with Boomerang


Everyone who uses email regularly has wished that a message could be queued up to send at a set time in the future.  Say you want to wish a friend a happy birthday next Tuesday.  You could save a message in your Drafts folder - and hope that you remember to send it out on time.  That's just too easy to forget - and the last thing you need is to add another item to your to-do list. What to do? Well, if you are a Gmail or Google Apps user, you can schedule messages to be sent at any time/date in … [Read more...]

Help Email Help You: My Top-Ten Tips to Avoid Mailbox Overwhelm


With all the buzz surrounding social media, RSS, video and every other online outlet... one standby that gets taken for granted is good ol' email. We all use it (and some of us love it), but it also can be a source of enormous frustration that can eat up a lot of the workday. Much of inbox-related angst is easily avoided with a few simple changes in what you use for email and how you process it.  In no particular order, here's my "Top-Ten" tips for helping email help you... … [Read more...]