Make Yourself Scannable with QR Codes

I recently read a great post at AWeber’s Inbox Ideas blog about a novel list-building way to use those square QR Codes that seem to be everywhere (QR stands for “Quick Response”).  AWeber’s newsletter archive page URLs can be coded and distributed as a way for new propects to be easily added to your list (which is a great idea).  Now, I use a scanner on my Android phone – but until I read that blog post, it hadn’t occurred to me to create a QR Code with my contact information. With a QR Code image on your business card or website contact page, a prospect will only need to scan your code with their phone (either on a monitor screen or on paper) – and your contact information is instantly added to their contacts directory – no typing, no lost business cards.  After a very quick 2 minute search, I discovered how incredibly easy it is to do.

GoQRMe - create your own QR CodeThere are a few websites that can create a quick QR Code for you – and they are all free. My favorite is  It’s very flexible, allowing different types of QR codes, such as SMS, web links, phone numbers, text strings, and v-cards (which is what you would use to include your contact information in a QR Code).

GoQRMe also gives you a very handy image resizer – then allows you to download the image as a PNG file, and provides code to embed the image on a web page.  It could not be simpler. They also make it easy to order promotional products with your newly minted QR Code on it  (you may want a code coffee mug and a t-shirt along with those business cards).

Other sites that can help:

So – save your new contacts some typing and be scannable with your own QR Code. :-)

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