Easy Web Buttons & Other Goodies with WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcode Menu - WooOne of the many advantages of having your site built in WordPress is the availability of shortcodes. Introduced back with WordPress 2.5,  shortcodes are literally simple, shorthand codes that the writer can insert into posts or pages that render a specific thing on the page – most commonly a graphic button, a social sharing link, an info box, a divider line – anything a developer can think of.

While all this sounds like something only a geeky coder would love, the beauty of shortcodes is that WordPress theme developers, like WooThemes, have incorporated shortcodes into their framework. This means that having a really cool colorful “Buy Now” button is as easy as clicking on the shortcode menu and filling out a simple form.  Here’s an example – if I wanted to direct your attention to learning more about my Google Apps Setup Service (shameless plug there!)  – all I would have to do in this post is click on the Woo Shortcode menu (shown here – included with all their themes).

Fill out the popup form – and you get something like this:

Once published, the shortcode shown above renders this button:

Google Apps
Slick, eh?? Note the cool rollover effect!

Other awesome stuff includes social sharing buttons like this one:

Or – maybe a simple icon link:

Learn about My WordPress Blogsite Packages

Or – if you really want to get slick… a content toggle link…

Can I get shortcodes too? (Click me)

My WordPress packages include premium themes – including WooThemes – that make shortcodes easy!

As you can see – this gives any non-webmaster (and webmasters too!) incredibly handy tools to easily and quickly add engaging content to a WordPress post or page – or even a sidebar widget.

For the record, shortcodes are a WordPress feature, but easy access to them is a theme function – so if you want to use them easily – it’s important that you use a WordPress theme that supports easy access to shortcodes.  Many theme developers offer this to one degree or another – but my favorite – and the easiest to use I’ve seen –  is WooThemes (affiliate link).

Check out my WordPress packages – they include development with the Woo framework – and easy shortcoding!

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