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Time to Switch to Premium Email?

Free email service for your business domain just isn’t a good idea anymore. If you’re still using an old email service that was packaged free with your website hosting or just forwarding your domain’s messages to your free Hotmail account, you may want to consider upgrading.


Super-Easy Email Encryption by Virtru

How many times have you needed to send some sensitive info to a contact, but either had to send in several messages, fax it – or worse, just take your chances with sending it via email? With all the security compromises in the news, there is new interest in how individuals can secure their online […]


When A Mailbox Isn’t Really A Mailbox: About Email Aliases

One question I often get when I’m helping a client with an email issue or a Google Apps setup is about multiple e-mailboxes. If you have a primary email address of – by itself isn’t too flexible. It eats up one email address on your hosting’s mailbox quota – and doesn’t offer a lot […]


Checking email a just twice per day is now doable with AwayFind

Not hovering over your laptop or smartphone all day sounds like fantasyland to any service provider who uses email as their primary communication method. You don’t want to be perceived as unresponsive, but in the effort to appear attentive, you can really wreck your daily workflow (costing you time and money) with endless interruptions responding […]

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