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Help Desk Basic:
Essential WordPress Maintenance & Security

Having experienced webmaster expertise on hand isn't just for big businesses. ProVirtual Solutions focuses on providing reliable, proven online business support to organizations that want a worry-free online presence.  Help Desk Basic provides the essentials of a worry-free WordPress site, including daily backups, uptime monitoring, reports and more.

Need more? Add-on services and resources make customization of your plan a breeze. Like all Help Desk plans, your company will have a reliable point of contact and peace of mind for your online presence.

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Who can benefit most from Help Desk Basic?

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Help Desk Basic is a perfect choice for WordPress budget-conscious website owners that want both technical maintenance for their WordPress website and a dedicated point of contact to address questions when needed. Site backups, WordPress updates, plugin updates, comment cleanup and security scans are included. You'll also get a monthly PDF report that details the specific maintenance items completed on your site each month.

In addition, Help Desk Basic clients can request additional support services at an hourly rate. You can also customize your service plan with optional add-ons such as website hosting, domain and DNS monitoring, or a monthly block of additional support time.

The Basic Plan is for you if:

  • You want to have backups and the essential maintenance on your site done professionally and reliably
  • You have a limited budget, but understand the value of keeping up with website maintenance and backups
  • You need only occasional assistance with site updates and consulting
  • Would like to have a go-to point of contact for your website presence.
Weekly WordPress & Plugin Updates
Daily Cloud Backups
Daily Local Backups
Uptime Monitoring
Comment Spam Cleanup
Security Hardening Check
Weekly Security Scans
Monthly PDF Maintenance Report
Hourly support services available
($125/hr; 1 hr minimum)
Optional Add-On Services
wordpress maintenance report
Your WordPress Maintenance Report

1. If you haven't already, schedule an introductory call and we'll discuss the specifics of your WordPress site and what your needs are. Note that in some cases (or if ProVirtual Solutions did not develop your website), a technical audit and update may be needed before we begin your service plan.

2. Review the full Help Desk Terms of Service by clicking here.

3. When you're ready to go... just click the button below to sign up!

  • The monitored WordPress website must be technically stable, served by a reliable web host and developed within the past 5 years.
  • Necessary corrections and updates to stabilize the site or hosting provider changes will incur additional setup fees.

We Accept:

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