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WordPress Website & Program Management for Associations

icon-www-domainsIf your Trade, Professional or Fraternal Association is looking for a valuable benefit to offer your members, a managed website program can be the answer.

Offering a professionally managed web program as part of your benefit package will boost membership value, engagement and loyalty, while providing an opportunity to standardize and monitor how members and chapters present themselves on the web.

For example, a website program can be crafted to be offered as a fully-paid “value-add” service for a premium membership package or simply a standardized website service package that’s billed to the member or chapter directly, with a revenue share for the referring organization. Programs are customized to achieve the parent group’s goals, whether it’s boosting membership value, standards enforcement or revenue generation.

Specific Services Available with Managed Web Service Programs:

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Help Desk for Service Requests
  • Web Hosting & Management/Tech Liaison
  • Domain Name Services (Management, DNS, etc.)
  • Email Service Management
  • Data Collection & Routing (Web Forms)
  • Website Technical Maintenance & Reporting
  • Traffic Analytics Reporting
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Graphics Services
  • Consulting & Training
  • Virtual Team Resource Consulting

Advantages for Associations & Umbrella Organizations: 

  • Offer current WordPress website technology to your members and chapters in a structured program that’s professionally managed.
  • Add a significant value offering to your association membership benefit package at a reasonable cost
  • Opportunity to enforce standards for how members display information on the web
  • Service reporting available – so you know what members/chapters are requesting updates and when
  • Optionally create a recurring revenue stream for your organization with a custom-branded, self-service domain name registration and hosting services storefront.
  • Programs are fully customized to achieve your Association’s specific goals

Advantages for Association Members & Chapters:

  • You get a great-looking, custom-branded, modern WordPress website that can be configured to do almost anything and grow with you—email list subscriptions, blogging, photo galleries, social media updates, ecommerce and more.
  • Managed website programs eliminate scrambling for qualified, responsive technical help with website updates and consulting. Help is always available.
  • Technical worries are off the plate – hosting and maintenance management is taken care of!

Managed WordPress Website Programs are Perfect for:

  • Healthcare Associations with Private Practice Members (Cardiologists, Dentists, Psychologists, etc.)
  • Financial Services Associations (Financial Planners, CPAs, etc.)
  • Specially Licensed or Certified Businesses (Professional/Coaching Certification holders, Franchisees)
  • Collegiate Fraternal Organizations (Fraternity and Sorority Chapters, etc.)
  • & many more examples…
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