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WordPress Website Audit + Tune-Up Terms of Service:

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. Please click here to review what's included with the WordPress Website Audit + Tune-Up service package. Specifics may change periodically as needed.

REQUIRED CLIENT INFORMATION: Important account information is required from the Client in order to perform this service. This information includes, but may not be limited to the following:

  • WordPress administrator URL and login (required)
  • Website hosting account login and/or FTP/SFTP login (required)
  • Domain name registrar and/or DNS host login (may be required)

A specially secured, fully encrypted web form will be used to collect the Client's login information.

BACKUPS: Initial local (server) and cloud-based backups are performed before any change or update is made.

TECHNICAL STABILITY: The monitored WordPress website must be technically stable and served by a reliable web host, as determined by ProVirtual Solutions LLC. Client will be advised in the event the website is unstable to the degree that the service cannot be safely performed. If this is the case, any payment made will be refunded, minus a $250 minimum consultation fee. 

SERVICE PLUGIN: A reporting and backup plugin will be installed on the site in order to perform the Audit service. 

DEVELOPMENT TIME. A specific number of development followup hours is included in this service package, as shown on the service information page. This time can optionally be used for consulting or training, in addition to the included consultation call. Please note the included development hours are scheduled on a single day.

INVOICING & PAYMENT TERMS: Once requested, your site Audit will be scheduled. An electronic (email) invoice for the full fee will be sent on the scheduled service date and is due upon receipt. A payment portal link is provided for convenient online payment. The included followup development and consultation time will be scheduled and provided once the service fee is paid in full.

SECURITY & WEBSITE REPAIR/RESTORATION. If in the event the Client’s website is found to be damaged or compromised due to an outside source (hack/malware), PVS can arrange for a repair of the site by an outside vendor, with the associated cost paid by the Client. If for some reason a change in hosting provider is needed as part of the site repair or restoration, the direct cost of the new hosting service will be the responsibility of the Client. Client will be notified in advance if this is the case.

PLUGIN & THEME LICENSING. WordPress themes and plugins often have premium licensing in place to assure access to timely updates. The cost for these licenses are the responsibility of the Client, unless advised otherwise by ProVirtual Solutions LLC. 

LIABILITY for OUTSIDE SERVICES OR PRODUCTS. ProVirtual Solutions LLC assumes no responsibility for unsatisfactory or unexpected performance of any outside contractor, product or service recommended and/or employed to provide this service. This includes but not limited to: the WordPress platform, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Termageddon, contracted technical support services, website scripts, hosting,  Sucuri, WordFence, CleanTalk, Amazon AWS, Google Services and/or any other recommended product or service. Any and all liability related to such use is solely the responsibility of the product or service employed.

JURISDICTION. These Terms of Service are entirely governed by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Any legal action directly involving this Agreement shall be adjudicated in the State of Pennsylvania.

Updated August 1, 2021

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