marymotz1My name is Mary Motz and I am Principal of ProVirtual Solutions LLC, a web services company serving businesses and professional associations since 2002. My focus is on providing solid website and Internet marketing systems that are cost-efficient, expandable and easy to maintain…while looking great along the way!

My love of all things Internet began nearly 20 years ago. Since then, as the web grew to what it is today, I grew with it, learning anything available that would help my clients leverage the best of what the web has to offer for both marketing and business processes. After years of testing, kicking tires and tinkering, I’m uniquely qualified to establish bullet-proof, easy-maintenance online systems for your organization. Learn more about my services, subscribe to the blog or connect on LinkedIn.


You want the right resources and solutions for your organization, but how do you know what services are right for you and what’s just marketing hype? Learn more.

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If your Professional Association is looking for a valuable benefit to offer your members, a personalized member website program can be the answer. Learn more.


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Google Apps provides all the goodness of Gmail for your own domain name—and much more. ProVirtual Solutions LLC is an Authorized SMB Google Apps Reseller Partner. Learn more.



A Short Glossary for New TLD Domain Shopping

If you’ve shopped around recently for a domain name, specifically one of the new domain name extensions available, you probably have been confronted with a lot of unfamiliar lingo. With the hundreds of new extensions presently being rolled out, shoppers are now navigating new choices that weren’t available before with the .com/.net world. This terminology is important, because it affects what you will pay for a domain name. As a general rule of thumb, the earlier you try to get dibs on a particular name, the more it will cost you. So, knowing the language is important. Here’s a few terms to be aware of…