Email marketing basics

Simple email marketing is effective email marketing

For any small business or busy marketing team, making the time to maintain a schedule of publishing a blog or sending out email newsletters is easier said than done. To get yourself back in the habit of consistent email outreach, it always helps to scale it down and simplify. Here's a few practical ways to reduce the stress and effort of your next email campaign.
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Best WordPress Hosting Companies

Reviewing web hosting options? My latest advice for choosing a WordPress hosting provider

In a rapidly changing hosting market, what should a website owner consider when choosing a WordPress hosting service? There are lots of great choices, but selecting a host just on price or brand familiarity isn't enough anymore. A site owner should consider the specific needs of their site and the features that make the most sense for their circumstances.
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Adbvantages of DNS services

Advantages of using a DNS management service

DNS is often called the "phonebook of the Internet" because its translates your human-friendly domain name into its numeric web server address (IP). In a nutshell, DNS is what makes the Internet usable by humans. DNS management services make your domain's website and email traffic safer and more reliable.
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website audit check

Five easy website check-ups to do during the pandemic lockdown

No matter what kind of business you have, there's no doubt that the current COVID-19 crisis has impacted it... and probably not in a good way. In any case, if you find yourself with more free time than you'd like, use it to do the website checkup that you put off before everything went crazy. Here's a quick checklist of easy updates that will help get your website back into shape.
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New to teleworking? Reduce stress and boost productivity with these tips

As part of the effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus, many communities have shut down all nonessential activities and businesses, including schools, sporting events and entertainment. This is forcing many to work from home if possible—and companies that haven't yet organized their teams to work remotely are having to learn the ropes very quickly. Here's my best advice for the work-from-home beginner.
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website consulting

Planning a website project? First, talk to a webmaster

Next time you're planning a website project or digital marketing strategy, consider first getting some sound advice from an experienced webmaster. A brief call can end up saving a lot of money and aggravation in the long term, paying for itself many times over.
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online marketing

Keeping it simple: 3 questions to help streamline your online marketing

I do a lot of reading to keep up with new trends in website design, online marketing and productivity tools. Or, at least I try to. One inevitable result of all that "keeping up" is feeling better informed... but also really overwhelmed at times. Over the course of the past year, my list of "stuff to check out later" was huge—and trying to implement all these shiny new toys feels complicated and stressful. Time to simplify.
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holiday online marketing

Three tips for online marketers to save big this holiday season

If you have an email address, you’ve already been barraged by “flash sales” from everyone you’ve ever heard of. This can be annoying… or you can see it as an opportunity to get a jump on your marketing plans for 2020 and save lots of money in the process.
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website transactional email for forms

Boost your website’s messaging, security and branding with a transactional email service integration

Any web host can send email messages (for a contact form, for example) but for consistent message branding, security and deliverability, you need to upgrade to a transactional email service. So, what is transactional email and how can it help? Here's the basics.
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WordPress maintenance

Avoid these top 5 WordPress website maintenance pitfalls

As I tell all my clients, websites need maintenance. Not just content changes and new blog posts, but technical TLC that allows a website to remain stable and perform well in the ever-changing Internet landscape. Over the years, I've noticed WordPress site owners often make these common avoidable mistakes with their website maintenance.
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WordPress webmaster

You may not be a big business, but you still need a webmaster

Today's most pressing challenge is staying current with rapidly-changing online standards, new services and technology that are routinely upended and disrupted at a dizzying clip. Simply put, you need a pro to just stay on top of changes, advise you on what's needed, and offer informed advice on where to best spend your online marketing efforts.
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website speed

Current website trends are all about page speed

One of the occupational hazards of working in the online world is having to keep on top of a constantly and rapidly changing market landscape. Methods and practices that worked great as recently as a year ago often will need updating or review—whether it's your design or your web hosting service. In managing all of it from different angles, from web design aesthetics to hosting technology, a clear goal emerges: a speedier website.
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