website caching

A client’s guide to website caching

Website caching is an important aspect of website performance and optimization. For all the benefits web caching offers, it can sometimes create frustration for web professionals and confusion for clients. Here's an overview of how different types of website data caching affect what you see online.
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Choosing the best apps for your business

Overwhelmed by app options? Think strategically.

Struggling with too many choices? In a vast universe of online service options, consider your app strategy for long-term success.
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How VPNs keep you safe online

Stay safe online anywhere with a VPN

Most know that using public Wi-Fi networks can be risky, even if they're well-managed. If you enjoy getting out of your office to work at a coffee shop, you're going to be vulnerable to data capture from unsavory characters. With all the logging-in we do all day, this is really an unacceptable risk to be taking. So, how does a VPN help?
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DNS 101

DNS 101 for Technophobes

Even if you don't consider yourself "tech-savvy", it's helpful to know a few basics about DNS, short for Domain Name System. DNS is often called "the Internet's phone book" for a reason, as it's the reference source for directing's website and email traffic to the correct places.
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domain name value

How to get maximum value from your domain names

You can do way more with your domain names than you may think. From websites to email to online marketing, here's my top pro-tips for getting the biggest bang for your domain name buck.
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Privacy policies

Every website you visit has a privacy policy and cookie consent button. So should yours.

You don't need to have an e-commerce site or engaged in advanced marketing technology to be affected by privacy laws.
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wordpress maintenance plan

Three hidden reasons why a WordPress Care Plan is a “must-have”

While having a great website is more accessible than ever, it's easy to think that it's also simple and easy. However, it's actually quite complicated. WordPress lives in a complex and rapidly-changing ecosystem of hosting servers, plugins, performance standards, device flexibility and security—and navigating it requires consistent attention and focused expertise.
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AI writing assistant

I’m writing this blog post with the help of AI. Here’s how.

While AI (artificial intelligence) won't totally replace human writers anytime soon, for now it can be a helpful support tool for bloggers and website owners.
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online image optimizer

Easy website image optimization without Photoshop

While reducing the linear size (width x height) of an image will effectively reduce the file size, you should be taking it a step further by downsampling and compressing the image. This can be tricky to do without complex and bulky programs like Photoshop. Who wants to deal with Photoshop if all you need to do is slim down a blog post image?  ShortPixel to the rescue! 
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stop website form spam

Website contact form spam: how to stop it

Anyone with a website contact form has had this happen. You see you've received a new prospect message and get excited, only to open the message and see it's written in Russian. Or, maybe the message contains a threat to sue you, a pitch for sketchy SEO services or NSFW content. Here's how to put an end to it.
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Free G Suite Legacy ends May 1st. Consider your options.

You've been happily using Google's G Suite Legacy for years. You've added lots of login accounts over all this time, and now you have to decide to pay for Google Workspace, or move to another email hosting provider. Here's what to consider before making a decision.
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Email marketing basics

Simple email marketing is effective email marketing

For any small business or busy marketing team, making the time to maintain a schedule of publishing a blog or sending out email newsletters is easier said than done. To get yourself back in the habit of consistent email outreach, it always helps to scale it down and simplify. Here's a few practical ways to reduce the stress and effort of your next email campaign.
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