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WordPress powers about one-third of all websites for good reason! It addresses all the primary concerns of any organization, including ease of maintenance, flexibility and cost efficiency. In addition, WordPress can help you to raise your online visibility, because they're more search efficient and offer easy ways to integrate with your other online strategies, including content and social media marketing.

ProVirtual Solutions offers two development project options: Accelerated and Collaborative. Each option addresses common website development goals using different approaches. Depending on your objectives, timeline, working style and budget, your chosen approach will result in a great-looking, secure and flexible WordPress website built for the long-haul.

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WordPress Webmaster

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Accelerated Development Track

This option is an excellent choice for startups and solopreneurs looking for a solid website infrastructure that offers flexibility and long-term stability.  Projects are delivered within a condensed timeframe and offered packaged with ongoing maintenance and premium hosting.

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Collaborative Development Track

This project track is for clients that want more time to explore design options and actively collaborate on the project over time. Clients with their own teams will find this option a great fit for their needs. The Collaborative option is structured as a monthly service retainer and lasting as long as assistance is needed.

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