Ends website form spam and brute-force attacks

Unfortunately, these days, CAPTCHA doesn't always work. Frustrating contact form spam problems can occur with even brand-new websites on good-quality hosting providers. Even the best website construction doesn't necessarily protect your website from these annoyances.

Contact form junk messages

Brute-force login attacks

Form Anti-Spam & Security Firewall shields your website from bot attacks, brute-force login attempts and form spam.

stop website form spam
Instantly stops form messages like this from your website. 

Form Anti-Spam & Security Firewall Protects Your Site Against:

what the heck is this?

Junk Contacts

You get a message via your website's contact form, only to find it's written in Russian, a sketchy offer to make you #1 on Google, or even a fake lawsuit threat. You're annoyed because your time was wasted and wonder if there's a security problem on your site. 

revenge of the bots?

Brute Force Attacks

Your website statistics seem to record a high level of visitor volume or your security plugin is reporting "unusual traffic". Bots are constantly trying to gain access to your site and you worry one day they may get in or take the site down completely.

The Solution: CleanTalk

Form Anti-Spam & Security Firewall brings the power of CleanTalk, an industry-leading solution that ends form spam and bot attacks once and for all.  This service includes experienced webmaster implementation, support and monitoring.

The Form Anti-Spam & Security Firewall Service Includes:

Form Protection

CleanTalk Anti-Spam blocks form spam

Website Firewall

CleanTalk Firewall

ProVirtual Solutions offers expert implementation and monitoring with blocked spam statistics. When questions arise, simply send an inquiry to our support desk.


Website Form Protection

Blows CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA away...

CleanTalk's Antispam for Websites service blocks bot entries on your website's forms. Contact, list subscription, comment and even ecommerce forms are all protected. Entries are checked against a database of known spam sources (email addresses and IP addresses) before the form is processed, while allowing legitimate entries to pass through.

Better yet, there's no goofy, annoying puzzles to solve, as it completely replaces CAPTCHA/reCAPTCHA. The anti-spam protection is completely invisible to your site's visitors.

Completely replaces CAPTCHA and Google's reCAPTCHA

Protects all website forms, even embedded third party forms!

Support available via Help Desk when questions arise

Results statistics available within WordPress. You will be shocked to find how many junk messages are blocked!


Brute-Force Protection

Blocks bot traffic and password-guessing attacks

Among the most most common ways for WordPress sites to be hacked are brute-force attacks. This attack type is an automated password search to get full access to your site's Administrator account. With CleanTalk Security Firewall, source IPs are checked against a known threat database and blocked before there's a problem.

All successful logins are logged for future audit

Blocked attack statistics are fully logged for review

Support available via Help Desk if questions arise

Country access blocking available

Besides protecting your site's security, blocking malicious login attempts saves on your hosting server resources, contributing to better site performance.

Form Anti-Spam & Security Firewall Features:

  • Experienced webmaster implementation & monitoring

    CleanTalk is tried and tested and is protecting this site right now.

  • Form anti-spam protects all website form types!

    Contact, comment and email opt-in forms (3rd party forms too.)

  • Additional websites can be added at reduced cost

    Have additional sites to protect? Save up to 20%.

  • Firewall saves resources and supports site performance

    Stats available on successfully blocked attacks

  • Firewall logs all user logins for future audit

    Administrator logins are tracked for future review, if needed

  • Need help? Have a question? Just email us for support.

    When questions arise, just email the Help Desk.


$150.00 Setup Fee + $99.00/Year

Looking for the full PowerPack Service?

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