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Unlike static HTML-based websites of the past, WordPress websites are more powerful than ever, and as the old adage goes, with power comes responsibility. The incredible flexibility and user-friendliness of WordPress also requires a bit of TLC to keep your website humming along and resistant to errors and security threats. Here’s three top reasons to keep in mind when considering whether to sign on to a WordPress maintenance plan:

It’s actually quite complicated. 

While having a great website presence for your business is more accessible than ever, it’s easy to think that it’s also simple and easy. However, it’s actually quite complicated. WordPress websites live in a complex and rapidly-changing ecosystem of hosting servers, plugins, performance standards, device flexibility and security—not to mention evolving trends in design and digital marketing. Successfully navigating this complexity requires consistent attention and focused expertise.

It costs a lot more to fix it than maintain it. 

Put bluntly, not keeping on top of technical changes over time will come back to bite you one day. If a neglected WordPress site breaks, it will need an experienced webmaster to diagnose the problems and fix them. You’ll spend a lot of time in finding a trustworthy webmaster and hoping she’s available to help you—and quickly. In many cases, an older site isn’t fixable, meaning you may need to invest all over again in a new website.

Direct access to WordPress expertise is baked-in.

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in a WordPress Care Plan is having direct access to focused expertise when you need it. Besides the nuts-and-bolts of the weekly maintenance and data backups, your webmaster partner is there for you when you have questions and provide guidance when you’re planning to make big changes. In most cases, as with ProVirtual Solutions WordPress maintenance service, clients get preferred rates and flexible terms when it’s time for a redesign or major update.

If you’re considering a WordPress Care Plan, be sure to check out Help Desk. Whether you simply need someone to keep your WordPress site secured or need more comprehensive webmaster support, there’s a Help Desk service option to meet your needs. Click to learn more.

Photo credit: Justin Morgan

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