Super-Easy Email Encryption by Virtru


How many times have you needed to send some sensitive info to a contact, but either had to send in several messages, fax it - or worse, just take your chances with sending it via email? With all the security compromises in the news, there is new interest in how individuals can secure their online messages and have more control over who can read it.  Many still don't realize that email messages pass through many points on the Internet while on its way, and if the contents are not encrypted, they … [Read more...]

You heard about the Heartbleed problem…now what?


News about the awfully-named Heartbleed Bug  is all over the place. Over the past two days I received some great questions from friends and clients...only a few of which I could answer. Not only is this security flaw really bad (it is) it's also hard to explain—even if you fully understand it—which I don't. Problem is, I'm not convinced anyone else does either, except those who discovered the problem and anyone who exploited it. What is known for sure is the potential damage is really scary to … [Read more...]

Opting-Out of Google’s New “Shared Endorsements”


As you may have seen in the media - or on the bright blue bar at the top of your Google account login screen - Google has revised its Terms of Service to include a new "Shared Endorsements" setting. Similar to what Facebook does, it uses your data (photo, name and/or comments) to include in product reviews and ads that are displayed to those you are connected with. And no, you aren't getting a share of the ad money. What's particularly irritating about it is that you have to actively opt-out of … [Read more...]

Try These Treats to Prevent Online Security Tricks


Horror stories are great Halloween fun, but not when it comes to your online security. If you do anything online, even if you don't have a website - there's lots of opportunities for Internet hobgoblins to ruin your day. The good news is that you can easily prevent the most common pitfalls by just adopting a few, easy-to-implement strategies. Here's my quick-list of online security best practices:  Adopt cloud-based business solutions whenever possible.  This may seem counter-intuitive to … [Read more...]