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Top 5 Tech New Year Resolutions for 2017

Are you currently enjoying a holiday lull and have some extra time to plan some overdue updates to your website? Maybe you’re thinking about ways to improve your online security? Or, maybe you’re like me and just binge-watching Netflix and eating too many cookies. Either way, here’s my top 5 New Year’s resolutions you should […]

How to Find Great Online Business Apps & Tools

Working online presents a constant barrage of new services and tools that’s challenging to keep up with, let alone understand. While it’s fun to try new services and tools and see how they can solve problems that my clients face, it still can be overwhelming at times. I try to devote a bit of time […]

Is Your WordPress Website Showing Its Age?

Just like cars (and everything else), websites age, and if you don’t tend to them, they will begin to show it. The good news is that many WordPress website problems are easily averted with some common-sense, regularly-administered technical maintenance. If your site has been sitting online unchanged for a few years, lookout for the following:

A SSL Certificate Shopper’s Guide

SSL security (and how to add it to your website) can be mystifying for even the most tech-savvy website owner. My last post about website security and SSL really hit a nerve! I received so many questions about it, I thought I’d put together a SSL “shopper’s guide”. With the increased awareness and demand for […]

Websites Without SSL Will Soon Get the “Red Triangle” Treatment

There’s been a lot of chatter the past few years about Google views secured sites (websites that have a SSL certificate enabled) versus those that don’t. Technically, if your site is simply for information and doesn’t intake sensitive data (such as forms and ecommerce), you didn’t need to secure the site with an SSL (Secure […]

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