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Super-Easy Email Encryption by Virtru

How many times have you needed to send some sensitive info to a contact, but either had to send in several messages, fax it – or worse, just take your chances with sending it via email? With all the security compromises in the news, there is new interest in how individuals can secure their online […]

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You heard about the Heartbleed problem…now what?

News about the awfully-named Heartbleed Bug is all over the place. Over the past two days I received some great questions from friends and clients…only a few of which I could answer. Not only is this security flaw bad (it is) it’s also REALLY hard to explain—even if you fully understand it. Which I don’t. […]

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Opting-Out of Google’s New “Shared Endorsements”

As you may have seen in the media – or on the bright blue bar at the top of your Google account login screen – Google has revised its Terms of Service to include a new “Shared Endorsements” setting. Similar to what Facebook does, it uses your data (photo, name and/or comments) to include in […]

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