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A SSL Certificate Shopper’s Guide

SSL security (and how to add it to your website) can be mystifying for even the most tech-savvy website owner. My last post about website security and SSL really hit a nerve! I received so many questions about it, I thought I’d put together a SSL “shopper’s guide”. With the increased awareness and demand for […]

Websites Without SSL Will Soon Get the “Red Triangle” Treatment

There’s been a lot of chatter the past few years about Google views secured sites (websites that have a SSL certificate enabled) versus those that don’t. Technically, if your site is simply for information and doesn’t intake sensitive data (such as forms and ecommerce), you didn’t need to secure the site with an SSL (Secure […]


Super-Easy Email Encryption by Virtru

How many times have you needed to send some sensitive info to a contact, but either had to send in several messages, fax it – or worse, just take your chances with sending it via email? With all the security compromises in the news, there is new interest in how individuals can secure their online […]


You heard about the Heartbleed problem…now what?

News about the awfully-named Heartbleed Bug is all over the place. Over the past two days I received some great questions from friends and clients…only a few of which I could answer. Not only is this security flaw bad (it is) it’s also REALLY hard to explain—even if you fully understand it. Which I don’t. […]


Opting-Out of Google’s New “Shared Endorsements”

As you may have seen in the media – or on the bright blue bar at the top of your Google account login screen – Google has revised its Terms of Service to include a new “Shared Endorsements” setting. Similar to what Facebook does, it uses your data (photo, name and/or comments) to include in […]

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